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"21 seconds 79!"


Seeing Yu Hexin of the Guangdong team with such amazing results, the media area was boiling. This result not only broke the national record held by Ning Zetao, who has been in dust for seven years, but also reached the A mark of the Tokyo Olympics, which is also Tokyo. In the Olympic cycle, the first Chinese athlete to reach the A mark of the men's 50m freestyle Olympics.


He Junyi, the star of hope, also swam 22.73 seconds in the preliminary round, ranking fifth.


After the game, Yu Hexin was in a very good mood to accept an interview with reporters: "The finals and semi-finals can be done a little better, and Bai Zi feels there will be surprises."


It is not only Yu Hexin who has brought surprises to Chinese swimming, but also Fu Yuanhui who has been missing for a long time.


As we all know, Fu Yuanhui has been in an unsatisfactory state for the past two years due to injuries and illnesses. In last year's Gwangju World Championships, none of her individual events entered the finals. The Olympic event was 100 meters.


However, in today’s competition, Fu Yuanhui’s performance made people shine. He swam 59.48 seconds in the 100-meter backstroke preliminaries, leaving the Olympic A standard far behind. Many people marveled at the peak of the "major girl" Coming back.


Fu Yuanhui, who walked out of the pool, sighed: “I haven’t had such a performance in two years. The first shot this year is okay. It’s better than last year. I haven’t had such a performance last year. I have been practicing very hard. Both technology and mentality are better."



As the first public competition under the epidemic, it is natural to have such results on the first day, but it is surprising that the final list does not have the names of Yu Hexin and Fu Yuanhui. The women’s 200 frog preliminaries are also the first place in the women’s 200 frog preliminaries, Yu Jingyao. Also missed the final.


The reason why the three missed the final was the same-the physical fitness test did not meet the standard.


The swimming championship this time is very different from the previous competition system. It also added a physical fitness test session and controlled the final list.


It is clearly stated on the official website of the Swimming Association that all individual events will be held in the preliminary and finals, and there will be no substitute athletes in the finals. The top 16 athletes in the preliminaries are sorted according to their physical fitness scores, and the top 8 athletes in the physical fitness competition enter the final. When there are less than 8 people in each individual event, the athletes who are eligible for the finals will be admitted directly to the finals according to their physical fitness scores.


This means that if the physical fitness test can enter the top eight, swimming scores can enter the final as long as they enter the top 16. But if the physical fitness test comes in the back, even if you are the number one in the world, you have to be eliminated.

这意味着,如果体能测验可以进入前八名,游泳成绩只要进入前十六名就可以进入决赛。但是,即使您是世界第一,体能测验也排在最后。 ,您必须被淘汰。

Friends who often follow swimming must know how big the difference in strength between the 16th place and the first place in domestic competitions is. Taking the men’s 100m backstroke as an example, Xu Jiayu can get first in international competitions, but the domestic second place wants to enter The finals are difficult.



In the fitness test rankings of the top 16 players in the preliminary rounds obtained by the reporter: Yu Hexin in the mens 50-meter freestyle is ninth and He Junyi is the twelfth; in the women’s 100-meter backstroke, Fu Yuanhui is the eleventh, and Chen Jie, who is fifth in the preliminaries, is ranked fifth in physical fitness. 13; women's 200 meters

记者在预赛中获得的前16名运动员的体能测试排名:男子50米自由泳的于和欣排在第九,何俊义排在第十二;在女子100米仰泳中,傅元辉排在第11位,预赛中排名第5的陈洁在体能方面排名第5。 13;女子200米

For such a result, Fu Yuanhui and Yu Hexin were actually well prepared.


As early as during the physical fitness test on the 22nd and 23rd, Fu Yuanhui posted a Weibo "Wail": I never thought that Fu Yuanyuan would have a meeting in this life.


After the preliminaries, she confessed that she might not be able to make the finals: "Because I can't make it to the top eight in physical fitness, my physical fitness is particularly poor. I have been making up for it before this time. The previous five events combined only have 6 points. 26 points, the improvement is quite big, but there is still a gap in entering the finals, but I will continue to work hard."

预赛结束后,她承认自己可能无法进入决赛:“因为我无法在体能方面进入前八名,所以我的身体状况特别差。在此之前,我一直在弥补自己的不足。 “前五场比赛的总分只有6分。26分虽然进步很大,但是进入总决赛还有差距,但是我会继续努力。”

Yu Hexin lost the 3000 meters: "My 3000 meters is very poor. It is okay to finish one lap. The remaining six laps are a bit difficult to overcome. I am a person who needs water after the first lap. I am too thirsty. Yes, the whole lung is dry."


Of course, these are not the only people who worry about the physical fitness test. Ye Shiwen, the first gold slam player in Chinese swimming, ranked seventh in the physical performance report of the 200-meter breaststroke. Fortunately, he made the final list. This result has exceeded In response to her expectations, she told reporters excitedly: "I didn't expect it to be so good!"


Although Xu Jiayu, another leading figure, was not troubled by his physical performance, after the preliminaries, he admitted that his muscles had been tired and sore: "Yesterday the legs were still sore and sore!"



As a top international athlete, why bother about physical fitness tests? What exactly does the physical fitness test measure?


According to the documents published on the official website of the Swimming Association, there are five physical fitness tests, namely the vertical vertical jump (swing arm CMJ) height test, the 30-meter sprint timing test, the maximum number of pull-ups test, and the trunk core strength test (4 positions) And 3000 meters time running test. The full score for each item is 10 points, for a total of 50 points. Among them, the full score of the trunk core strength test is 10 points, with 4 points each accounting for 25%.


The scoring criteria are as follows:


Such test standards are not made by the National Swimming Association, but are formulated in accordance with the "National Team Physical Fitness Test Rating Standards" issued by the State Sports General Administration at the beginning of this year.


Perhaps for many ordinary people, this standard seems easy, but for many top athletes, it is simply "killing". Because they want to surpass ordinary people in their own specialties, they often have "severe subjects". For example, the 3000-meter race mainly tests the individual aerobic endurance level. But for athletes in explosive power events, the higher the proportion of white muscle fibers, the more advantageous it is. It is too normal for ordinary people to run long distances.



The famous sprinter Su Bingtian once exposed his 3000m score in 13 minutes and 38 seconds in May this year. Netizens angered: "What kind of run is this? Are you running with a load? Are you sure you are an athlete?" Su Bingtian also explained: "3000 Rice is a slow-speed aerobic exercise. Sprinters focus on strength and explosive power training. If you train too much for long-distance running, fast muscles become slow muscles and affect our explosive power, so the coach does not recommend that we put too much energy on This one."

著名的短跑运动员苏炳田今年5月曾在13分38秒内暴露了自己的3000m成绩。网民激怒:“这是一种什么样的奔跑?您正在满负荷奔跑吗?您确定自己是运动员吗?”苏炳田还解释说:“ 3000水稻是一种慢速有氧运动。短跑运动员专注于力量和爆发力训练。如果您在长距离跑步中训练过多,则快肌会变成慢肌并影响我们的爆发力,因此教练不建议我们在此方面投入过多精力。”

For swimmers, the ankle joints need to be very soft, so that the greater the pushing force generated when kicking the body, the lower the load on the waist, abdomen and legs, and the faster the swimming speed.


Although it is more difficult for athletes, many teams have started to focus on physical training this year and put forward the slogan "Physical fitness first, Tokyo leads". In March 2020, the shooting team and the swimming team will go separately. Chongli outdoor training, the longest walking distance per day is 25 kilometers, the route has mountain roads and snow, and it takes about 8 hours, the purpose is to strengthen physical fitness and temper the will. Before this swimming championship, some provincial teams even spent one to two months specializing in physical fitness, and national team members also had to test 3000 meters every week.

尽管对运动员来说难度更大,但今年许多车队已开始专注于体育锻炼,并提出了“体育至上,东京领先”的口号。 2020年3月,射击队和游泳队将分开比赛。崇礼户外训练,每天最长的步行距离为25公里,路线上有山路和积雪,大约需要8个小时,目的是增强体质和锻炼意志。在获得游泳冠军之前,一些省级队甚至花费了一到两个月专门研究体能,而国家队成员还必须每周测试3000米。

Why do you have to put so much effort? According to the "Notice of the General Administration of Sport on Further Strengthening Basic Physical Training and Complementing Physical Ability" and the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sport on Doing a Good Job in Selection for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games", those who do not meet the physical fitness test will not only be deducted Training allowance is not allowed to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

您为什么要付出如此大的努力?根据《体育总局关于进一步加强基础体育锻炼和补充体育能力的通知》和《体育总局关于做好2020年东京奥运会选拔工作的通知》 ,那些不符合体能测验的人将不仅被扣除训练津贴,也不允许参加东京奥运会。

my country's famous high jumper Zhang Guowei announced his retirement after failing to meet the standard in a physical fitness test.


In the National Track and Field Championships held before the swimming competition, physical performance is also directly linked to the qualifications of the competition. According to the regulations of the Athletics Association, athletes who are shortlisted to participate in the 2020 National Track and Field Championships and Race Walking Championships can only participate after participating in the physical fitness competition and their physical performance As the only basis for qualifying for the tournament. In addition to Su Bingtian who was absent due to injury and Gong Lijiao who gave up the physical fitness test, Rio Olympics triple jump bronze medalist Dong Bin and other well-known athletes missed the event, and some athletes who failed to meet the standards in the "Physical Fitness Contest" took the test status. Participating, although ranked first in his own project, but missed the podium.

在游泳比赛之前举行的全国田径锦标赛中,身体表现也与比赛资格直接相关。根据田径协会的规定,入围2020年全国田径锦标赛和竞走锦标赛的运动员只有在参加体能比赛及其身体表现后方可参加,这是参加比赛的唯一条件。除了因伤缺席的苏炳田和放弃体能测验的龚立娇外,里约奥运会三级跳远铜牌得主董斌和其他知名运动员也错过了比赛,有些运动员未能达到标准。 “体能竞赛”取得了测试状态。参加,虽然在他自己的项目中排名第一,但错过了领奖台。


Not only swimming and track and field, gymnastics, diving, flower swimming and other technical events are undergoing physical fitness tests. Even in the Chess Division A tournament that starts in September, contestants must also participate in basic physical fitness tests. The test content is 1000 meters running, For the standing long jump, sitting forward bending and other events, only those who meet the standards can qualify for the competition.


In this way, it is not surprising that Yu Hexin and Fu Yuanhui missed the final.


However, if such regulations are strictly enforced, many top athletes may really miss the Tokyo Olympics.


so what should I do now?


After the swimmer Yu Hexin heard the news that he had failed to enter the finals, he said helplessly: "I can only run faster in the future."


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