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【About Derby】


Unlike yesterday’s Merseyside derby which was full of gunpowder from the field to off the field, and the fierceness of most derby in the world, the Valencia derby has always been relatively mild, which stems from the good performance of several teams in the Valencia region. relationship. The Bats and Levante’s home games are in the city of Valencia, while Villarreal is in the coastal town not far from the big city. The relationship between the three teams is as close as their geographical distance.

不同于昨天的梅西赛德比(Merseyside derby)到处都是火药,以及世界上大多数德比的激烈,瓦伦西亚的德比一直相对温和,这是由于瓦伦西亚地区的几支球队表现出色。关系。蝙蝠和莱万特的主场比赛在瓦伦西亚市,而比利亚雷亚尔则在离大城市不远的沿海城市。三支球队之间的关系与他们的地理距离一样近。

Such as personnel mobility. Valencia’s captain Parejo and the main midfielder Kirkland both switched to Villarreal this summer, but what made Valencia fans angry is that the top team stupidly drove away the loyal due to the internal struggle of the team. Captain, they were not overly angry because the two chose their Derby opponent as their next home. Paco and Albiol, produced by the Bat Youth Training, returned to this land after wandering overseas-but their choice was the yellow submarine; Haomei Costa, also produced by the Valencia Youth Training, leased last year Back to his old club, but the veteran who has played for the small-town team for ten years said that he is Huang Qian. Correspondingly, in Valencia, the main goalkeeper Domenech, who has been a daughter-in-law this season for many years, is from the yellow Qian echelon. The iron gate Gabriel Paulista was once a year and a half after playing for Huang Qian. Gehui's eyes are brilliant, and Cherishev, the left forward who shined in the 2018 World Cup, has two driving experiences in both teams. Not to mention that Huang Qian coach Unai Emery's coaching career began in Valencia. For a long time, the frequent turnover of the two teams is a strong evidence of the good relationship between the two sides.

如人员流动。瓦伦西亚的队长帕雷霍和主要中场球员柯克兰都在今年夏天转投比利亚雷亚尔,但是让瓦伦西亚球迷感到愤怒的是,由于球队内部的挣扎,顶级球队愚蠢地赶走了忠诚者。队长,他们并不过分生气,因为两人选择了德比的对手作为下一个家。蝙蝠青年训练队(Bat Youth Training)制作的Paco和Albiol在海外游荡后回到了这片土地,但他们选择的是黄色潜水艇。去年由瓦伦西亚青年训练队制作的豪梅·科斯塔也租借火狐体育官网回到了他的老东家,但是为这支小镇队效力了十年的老将说他是黄谦。相应地,在瓦伦西亚,主要门将多梅内克(Domenech)本赛季是a妇多年,他来自黄色的钱梯队。铁门加布里埃尔·保利斯塔(Gabriel Paulista)在为黄谦效力后一年半。葛辉的眼睛很灿烂,在2018年世界杯上大放异彩的左前锋切里舍夫在两支球队中都有两次驾驶经历。更不用说黄谦教练Unai Emery的教练生涯始于巴伦西亚。长期以来,两队的频繁换手是有力的证明,双方之间的良好关系。

Another example is the team relationship. In August of this year, Villarreal Chairman Fernando Roig publicly expressed his respect for Valencia in an interview. Even when his Derby opponents suffered turmoil, Roig did not fall into trouble: "I We respect Valencia very much, we will not compete with them, of course, we will not compete with Levante... We are competing with 19 La Liga teams that are not called Villarreal. Personally. In other words, the more top teams in the Valencia region, the better. This is good for everyone in the region." In addition, in the pre-season warm-up game this summer, the Bats, Yellow Divers, and Frogs all chose the same. The opponent was a warm-up opponent-but Huang Qian did not perform well in this "Valen Triangle", losing 1-2 to two "cousins" in two games. Imagine if the president of Real Sociedad publicly expressed respect for Athletic Club Bilbao, or if Sevilla and Betis made a pre-season friendly match, wouldn’t it be surprising? Therefore, the harmonious relationship between Valencia and Villarreal is relatively rare among the famous Derby opponents in the world.

另一个例子是团队关系。今年8月,比利亚雷亚尔董事长费尔南多·罗格(Fernando Roig)在接受采访时公开表达了对瓦伦西亚的尊重。即使在他的德比对手遭受动荡的情况下,罗伊格也没有陷入麻烦:“我非常尊重瓦伦西亚,我们不会与他们竞争,我们当然不会与莱万特竞争...我们正在与西甲19支球队竞争就个人而言。换句话说,瓦伦西亚地区的顶级球队越多越好。这对该地区的每个人都是有益的。”此外,在今年夏天的季前热身赛中,蝙蝠,黄潜水员和青蛙都选择了相同的方法。对手是一个热身的对手,但是黄谦在这个“ Valen Triangle”中表现不佳,在两场比赛中输了1-2比2。想象一下,如果皇家社会运动会主席公开表达了对毕尔巴鄂竞技俱乐部的尊重,或者塞维利亚和贝蒂斯进行了季前友谊赛,这会令人惊讶吗?因此,瓦伦西亚和比利亚雷亚尔之间的和谐关系在世界著名的德比对手中相对罕见。

【About the competition】


The home team has been suffering from injuries since the beginning of the new season: the main left-back Alberto Moreno tore the cruciate ligament in the preseason, forcing the club to buy Estupinian as a replacement for 15 million euros, but the Ecuador international is in He was also injured in the just-concluded World Cup qualifiers and is expected to be absent for 2-3 weeks. Head striker Gerald Moreno also suffered 2-3 weeks of injury. Pedraza, Ruben Penha and Kirkland have also missed multiple games due to injuries, but the good news is that they have all recovered and should be able to play. Although he lacks Gerald Moreno, who has 3 goals in 5 games and has a significant tactical role, Paco is also trustworthy, who has 3 goals in 5 games. Moi Gomez is in hot form, Parejo is not old, and midfield control is Huang Qian's strength.

自从新赛季开始以来,主队就一直受到伤害:主力左后卫阿尔贝托·莫雷诺在季前赛撕裂了十字韧带,迫使俱乐部以1500万欧元的价格收购了爱沙比丁,但厄瓜多尔国际他在刚刚结束的世界杯预选赛中也受伤,预计缺席2-3周。射手杰拉尔德·莫雷诺(Gerald Moreno)也受伤2-3周。佩德拉萨(Pedraza),鲁本·佩尼亚(Ruben Penha)和柯克兰(Kirkland)由于受伤也缺席了多场比赛,但好消息是他们都已经康复并且应该能够踢球。尽管他缺少杰拉德·莫雷诺(Gerald Moreno),后者在5场比赛中有3个进球,并且在战术上起着重要作用,但他还是值得信赖的,在5场比赛中有3个进球。莫伊·戈麦斯(Moi Gomez)热火朝天,帕雷霍(Parejo)并不老,中场控制是黄谦的强项。

The visiting team was relatively tidy, but after a summer of bloodletting, the team's vitality was greatly injured. However, Gracia led this relatively shabby youth army to play vigorously. The 24-year-old Maxi Gomez felt hot with 3 goals in 5 games. Last season, Li Gangren (19 years old) and Manu were slightly immature. -Valejo (23 years old) is also growing, 17-year-old English teenager Yunus Moussa, 21-year-old youth training products Alex Blanco and Esquedo, and many opportunities last season The 20-year-old central defender Giliamon has started in the first 5 games of the season. But the bad news is that the midfielder Kondobia sent a discordant note, publicly criticized the team chairman + absent training, and was removed from the roster of the game. What Gracia considers to be the "indispensable number 6" is true. It's going to be "missing".

来访的球队比较整齐,但是经过一个夏天的放血之后,球队的生命力受到了很大的伤害。但是,格拉西亚(Gracia)带领这支相对简陋的青年军积极作战。 24岁的马克西·戈麦斯(Maxi Gomez)在5场比赛中拥有3个进球,感觉很热。上个赛季,李刚仁(19岁)和马努还不太成熟。 -Valejo(23岁)也在成长,17岁的英国少年尤努斯·穆萨(Yunus Moussa),21岁的青年训练产品亚历克斯·布兰科(Alex Blanco)和埃斯克多(Esquedo),以及上赛季的许多机会20岁的中央后卫吉利亚蒙(Giliamon)已经开始在本赛季的前5场比赛中。但坏消息是,中场球员Kondobia发了不和谐的音符,公开批评了球队主席+缺席训练,并被从比赛名单中删除。 Gracia认为是“必不可少的数字6”是正确的。将会“丢失”。

The situation of the two teams is very different this summer, but the La Liga standings in the new season did not reflect too much difference. In the first 5 rounds of the league, Huang Qian has 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and 8 points, including 1 draw and 1 loss in the away game against Barcelona Atlético; Valencia has 2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses and 7 points. Most opponents have certain strength. Mid-range team. In terms of historical confrontation, Valencia has an overwhelming advantage in the past two seasons with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, including the two rounds of double play in the UEFA Europa League knockout in the 18/19 season.


In terms of tactics, Villarreal often uses 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formations. When using 4-4-2, Gerald Moreno and Paco partnered with two forwards, and when using 4-3 -At 3, Gerald Moreno will be the right inside forward, but this time the international team is out of the game, Emery is likely to use 4-3-3, Paco single arrow, Chuukwuze as the right inside forward; Cork Lan recovered from injury and the midfield sweeper finally returned, but Ivola Parejo Trigros' three midfielders have full control, and the final arrangement of the starting still needs to be decided. Valencia often uses 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 formations, and there are many frontcourt attackers available. However, the author has not observed the youth army under Gracia in detail, so the tactical play is not shown.

在战术上,比利亚雷亚尔经常使用4-4-2和4-3-3编队。当使用4-4-2时,杰拉尔德·莫雷诺和帕科与两名前锋合作,当使用4-3-在3分时,杰拉尔德·莫雷诺将是内线前锋,但是这次国际队不在比赛中,埃默里是可能使用4-3-3,帕科单箭头,楚科夫泽作为右前内线;科克·兰(Cork Lan)从受伤中恢复过来,中场清道夫终于回来了,但伊沃拉·帕雷霍·特里格罗斯(Ivola Parejo Trigros)的三名中场球员拥有完全控制权,起跑的最终安排仍需确定。巴伦西亚经常使用4-4-2和4-2-3-1编队,并且有许多前场进攻者可用。但是,作者没有详细观察格雷西亚领导下的青年军,因此未显示其战术战术。

Villarreal's first forecast (4-3-3): Arsenio / ruven Penha, Albiol, Pau Torres, pedlaza / trigros, ivara, Parejo / chukuuze, Paco, MOI Gomes

Villarreal的第一个预测(4-3-3):Arsenio / ruven Penha,Albiol,Pau Torres,pedlaza / trigros,ivara,Parejo / chuukuuze,Paco,MOI Gomes

Valencia first forecast (4-4-2): Domenech / tieri Correa, Paulista, diababi, Gaya / Li gangren, Daniel Voss, Soleil, gedes / gamero, Maxi Gomez


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