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【火狐体育app】日本女子公开赛原英莉花取得4杆领先 卢晓晴列第八

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   Beijing time on October 3, a 21-year-old girl from Yokohama, Ying Lihua, successfully moved up on the mobile day. The longest course in the history of the women’s Japanese tour: Miyawaka City Classic Golf Club, Fukuoka Prefecture (6761 yards, par 72) caught 7 birdies and swallowed a bogey, she shot 66, under par With 6 strokes, he took a 4-stroke lead after the third round of the Japan Women's Open (total prize money of 112.5 million yen, championship prize money of 22.5 million yen).


   Hara Ying Lihua started from behind by 3 strokes and started in second place alone, surrendering 204 strokes (68-70-66) in three rounds, 12 strokes below par, and tomorrow will strive for the second women's day tour victory in her career.


   In 2019, Yuan Yinglihua won the Resort Trust Women's Golf Tournament. If she wins, she will win the trophy in a Grand Slam for the first time.

2019年,袁英丽华赢得了Resort Trust女子高尔夫锦标赛的冠军。如果她赢了,她将第一次在大满贯中赢得奖杯。

The 22-year-old Japanese contestant Xiaozhu Sakura started from the leading position, caught 3 birdies, swallowed 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey, shot 73 and slipped to second place alone with 208 in three rounds (66- 69-73), 8 under par.


Sumika Nakazone caught 7 birdies, shot a zero bogey 65, and rushed forward, competing with Anai Shi (70), Ueda Momoko (70), Sakai Miki (71), and Kokone Yoshimoto (69). (Stroke) tied for third place, but was already 7 strokes behind.

中区胜美(Sumika Nakazone)抓下7小鸟,打出零柏忌65,然后冲上前去,与Anai Shi(70),Ueda Momoko(70),Sakai Miki(71)和Kokone Yoshimoto(69)竞争。 (冲程)并列第三,但已经落后7杆。

Chinese Taipei star Lu Xiaoqing caught 4 birdies in the middle of the game, bounced back from the only bogey on the second hole, shot 69, and rose to eighth place with a score of 212 (71-72-69), lower than 8 par.


   Another Chinese Taipei player Cai Peiying shot 72, 215 (70-73-72), 1 under par, tied for 18th.


   Hara Hideri adopted an aggressive offensive strategy on the move day, caught 5 birdies on the first nine holes and shot 31. In the 9th hole, she left herself a 12-meter long push downhill. "The green is very difficult. There were three pushes on the first day," Yuan Yinglihua said, "I read the line very seriously, and then touched the small ball." She boldly took a shot and pushed a big arc. The hole caught the only birdie of the day. And when the ball went into the hole, she clenched her fist.

在移动的这一天,Hara Hideri采取了积极的进攻策略,在前9个洞抓住5个小鸟并射中31。在第9个洞,她离开了自己12米长的下坡推力。袁英华说:“果岭非常困难。第一天要推三下,我非常认真地读了台词,然后碰到了小球。”她大胆地开了枪,大步向前。这个洞抓到了当天唯一的小鸟球。当球进洞时,她握紧了拳头。

   Hara Ying Lihua took the lead, and the last nine holes were tolerated until the 14th hole. "I very much hope to expand the advantage in the last 4 holes and try to put the ball under the hole cup," she said.

原应化华(Hara Ying Lihua)取得了领先,最后九个洞被容忍到第14洞。她说:“我非常希望扩大最后4个洞的优势,并尝试将球放在洞杯下方。”

   On the 15th hole, the Japanese player hit 132 yards in the third shot, hit 8 meters, pushed the ball and caught the birdie, regaining momentum. Then on the 17th hole, par three, she successfully cut the ball from 8 yards away and caught the birdie again.


   "I am quite aggressive, but I also pay attention to things that may cause errors. I am very happy to be able to concentrate," she said.


   Although it is highly anticipated this season, Yuan Ying Lihua has not yet entered the championship circle. Last week, she went to Master Ozaki's home for a week off. Masanori Ozaki has five Japanese Open titles, more than anyone. He encouraged students to be confident.

尽管本赛季备受期待,但袁颖丽华还没有进入冠军圈。上周,她去了尾崎大师的家休了一个星期。尾崎正德(Masanori Ozaki)拥有五个日本公开赛冠军,比任何人都多。他鼓励学生自信。

   At the same time in this game, Yuan Ying Lihua also put in the JPX921 iron. When she used this club to hit high trajectories, she was affirmed by Master, so she was determined to use it. In addition, last week, she also used a numerical measuring machine to analyze her putting habits. "I'm prone to backspin," she said, "I found a way to push straight. I consciously lowered my hand and pushed with my shoulder." Basically in this game, she found the correction points. .

在这场比赛的同时,袁颖丽华还放入了JPX921铁杆。当她使用这家具乐部打高轨迹时,得到师父的肯定,因此她下定决心要使用它。此外,上周,她还使用一台数字测量机分析了她的推杆习惯。她说:“我很容易倒转,我找到了一种方法来直推。我有意识地放下手,用肩膀推。”基本上在这场比赛中,她找到了改正点。 。

"I think the results of the training are coming out," she said when she talked about starting from the first place alone tomorrow, and the final team. "I will still take an active offense tomorrow without losing my composure. I must look at the fairway firmly. I don't care. It’s a four-shot gap, and it takes one shot."

“当我谈到培训的结果火狐体育app即将到来时,”当她谈到明天从头名和最后一支队伍开始时,她说。 “明天我仍然会积极进攻,但不会失去镇定的感觉。我必须牢牢注视着球道。我不在乎。这是四杆差距,一杆就可以。”



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