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On October 24, the 2020 season CTCC China Auto Field Professional League hosted by CAMF China Motor and Motor Sports Federation ushered in the first final day of Shanghai Sheshan Station at Shanghai Tianma Circuit. In the morning race, the BEIJING car team With Zhu Dawei's brilliant performance, he won the Super Bowl Drivers Cup and Manufacturers Cup double championships. Dongfeng Yueda Kia Team Zhang Zhiqiang and Ye Hongli won the runner-up and third runner-up.


   In the second round of the afternoon, the BEIJING car team achieved another success. Zhu Juan won another championship, sweeping the Manufacturers Cup and the Drivers Cup today. Zhang Zhiqiang of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Team and He Xiaole of SAIC Volkswagen 333 Team won the second and third place respectively.


   For the China Cup, Dongfeng Fengshen Racing Team Xie Xinzhe and Liu Yang won two rounds of championships. Teammate Zheng Yue won the third place on the podium for the first time in the second round, and Chen Huping of the Zongfeng Motorsport team won one season and one second round respectively in the first round and the second round.




   The Shanghai Sheshan Station of the CTCC China Auto Field Professional League for the 2020 season hosted by the CAMF China Motor and Motor Sports Federation has arranged a close and uninterrupted schedule. In addition to the CTCC Super Cup, China Cup, TCR Cup and Greater Bay Area Cup four major groups, this event also ushered in the Shanghai Classic and Tianma Lunjia and other dozens of drivers to join together, together to start the professional field The new climax of the event. Furthermore, the race on Saturday lasted from 8 in the morning to 18:00 in the afternoon, and the sound of the engine still rang through the stadium when it was getting dark. Although there is a need for empty races under the epidemic, the nearly 10 hours of live broadcast on the whole network has undoubtedly helped nearly a hundred professional drivers to contribute the most exciting professional real racing cars to online fans and enthusiasts, showing the professional field of China The most charming aspect of the league.




   October 24, 2020, is a day for Chinese national brands to shine in Chinese racing cars! Among the three major categories of CTCC, all the independent brands have won. In the Super Cup, the two brothers Zhu Dawei and Zhu Juan of the BEIJING car team won two rounds of the Drivers and Manufacturers Cup for themselves and the team, and won the trophy "Grand Slam" of the day. The main driver Zhu Dawei expressed his gratitude to the team for their hard work: "I am very happy to be able to sit in this position again and once again help the BEIJING car team win the Manufacturers Cup and Drivers Cup double crowns. This is the third time I have won this position this season. The championship also proved that BEIJING has made great progress in the offseason.” Zhu Juan staged a Pole to win in the second round, once again showing the strength of the BEIJING-U5 car.


   In the China Cup, Dongfeng Fengshen also achieved four championships: Xie Xinzhe and Liu Yang won the Drivers Cup in two rounds, and Dongfeng Fengshen won the Manufacturers Cup in two rounds. Xie Xinzhe was satisfied with the strength of Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan, while Liu Yang believed that his victory in the second round was due to the team's wonderful strategy.


   In the TCR Cup competition, Ma Qinghua, the world champion of the Red Legion Shell Jet Kai Lingke Team, made an excellent start and won the Drivers Cup and the Model Cup in one fell swoop! This is undoubtedly in line with the outstanding performance of Lynk & Co 03 TCR in the world arena. With the outstanding performance of Zhang Zhendong and He Xiaole, the green camp MG XPOWER won the team championship in this race.

在TCR杯比赛中,红军空壳喷气机Kai Lingke队的世界冠军马庆华取得了出色的开局,一举赢得了车手杯和模特杯!这无疑与Lynk&Co 03 TCR在世界舞台上的出色表现相吻合。凭借张振东和何小乐的出色表现,绿色阵营MG XPOWER在这场比赛中获得了团体冠军。

   Undoubtedly, the four major independent brands in the three major categories with pure Chinese descent racing, won the championship without the participation of foreign drivers and technicians, showing the tenacious vitality of Chinese racing!




Yesterday, Ye Hongli of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Team broke Colin Turkington’s lap record at Shanghai Tianma Circuit; today, he performed the best overtaking in the first round of the race: starting at 10th place Ye Hongli's counterattack succeeded, and he finally stood on the podium to win the third place. Teammate Zhang Zhiqiang won the runner-up in Saturday's two-round finals and gained a lot of points to rank second in the Super Bowl drivers standings.


   SAIC Volkswagen 333 team succeeded in stopping losses due to aggravated victory and continued to lead the Manufacturers Cup standings. Zhang Zhendong further expanded his advantage in the drivers standings.


   The Zongheng team, which played at home, also scored excellent results in Saturday's race: Chen Huping scored one season and one second in the two-round finals, which helped him to secure his position at the top of the annual driver's standings.




   The Greater Bay Area Cup was won by Li Xiaopeng of Shenzhen Hanting DRT Team for two rounds. Li Xiaopeng, who returned to the CTCC in another form, praised the new competition system at the post-match press conference: "This kind of competition system can only feel endless fun if you really participate in it. The 50-minute two-round finals are held in succession. There is a pit stop for 93 seconds in the middle, which is very unknown and challenging. This not only tests the driver’s driving skills and physical strength, but also tests the team’s strategy, and even tests every subtle link such as the team’s communication equipment! It can win the big bay. The regional cup championship is the result of the joint efforts of all the team. I hope to continue participating in such exciting and intense competitions in the future."




   In addition to fighting every second on the field, all participating personnel of the China Auto Field Professional League also continuously and meticulously implement the epidemic prevention task. Although the domestic epidemic situation tends to be stable, CTCC will continue to build a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control system to ensure the safe and orderly progress of the competition by drawing on the valuable experience of Zhuzhou. During the race schedule, all personnel involved in the race must measure their body temperature every day when entering and leaving the arena, disinfect their hands, and present a nucleic acid test report and health code. Whether inside or outside the stadium, the organizing committee strives to guard against death, so that the event can continue to proceed normally.


   The roar of Saturday continued until night fell, but the war in Shanghai did not end. On October 25, the CTCC China Auto Field Professional League Shanghai Sheshan Station will usher in Sunday's final day, one after another, so stay tuned!

星期六的吼声一直持续到夜幕降临,但上海的战争并未结束。 10月25日,CTCC中国汽车专业联赛上海佘山站将迎来周日的最后一天,敬请期待!

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